Twisted paths…

Hi Blog World!

I’m glad to say I made this post in before the month mark. Not bad, if I do say so myself..:) I know a lot of you have been writing about weight loss in your blogs and the highs and lows of gaining/losing. I started a Weight Loss Blog today, which will remain private for now but I may go public later. It’s complete with gory before pictures, true-to-life numbers and everything. Not sure what will become of it, but I’m hoping it’ll help me write about the emotional junk that ultimately comes with any weight gain/loss.

Academically, I’m happy. I keep chugging along here, submitting to journals and conferences and doing all sorts of geeky such things. I love my job for the first time ever, which is truly breathtaking and wonderful.

On the downside, however, are things like my Sweet Swede’s inability to legally work in the US until he get’s his work authorization (it’s an average of three months and we turned the paperwork in two weeks ago from this Friday). I’m also faced with the difficult reality that I get my last (you read that right) paycheck at the end of April. Ouchie. That basically covers the apt. until the first of June. Then we have all of June, July, August and (drum roll please…..) September until we get paid at the END of the month again. I’ve got an interview this Thursday for a high-paid summer teaching gig, so cross everything for this Muse. She’ll need it.

So, despite a very long blissful streak of the academic wunder which inspired this blog’s title, there are alas always pitfalls and downsides to everything. Whether it’s worrying about the ‘ol BMI or money, or whatever else it may be, what I have learned in the last several years is that perfection is not only elusive, but in fact imaginary. What is real is the fight, the journey, and those shining moments in between. A laugh with a friend, a long walk in the city, a ray of sunshine falling on your studio parquet floor. Those are the moments of perfection, not years, but moments.

I suppose it’s a matter of letting those moments tip the scales and not the tough stuff.

With love to you on all of your journeys through motherhood, weight-loss, finding love, or whatever the twisted path may be–


Ms. M


4 thoughts on “Twisted paths…

  1. I tried keeping a weight loss specific blog. I think it lasted two weeks. Hopefully you will have better success with yours, even if you never make it public 🙂
    It’s a big step, tho, putting the true-to-life numbers out there. Believe me, I know!

  2. I will cross everything and say extra prayers for the summer teaching gig. And that the Swede’s work authorization comes through quickly. I get my last paycheck for the paid portion of my maternity leave on March 8th. And then nothing until mid-September.

  3. Miss Musings says:

    Ms. Rose- Yeah, let’s see how long it lasts. I actually read your weight loss blog back in the day. It was cool because at that point you had three going simultaneously. Impressive! Looking forward to reading about your journey as well.

    Mel: Glad to hear there are others in the world being ‘cut-off’ this Spring. The ability to stay home with those two GORGEOUS kiddos will make it worth it, I’m sure. We’ll have to share ideas for being extra thrifty. More library books, I guess! Thanks for the prayers on the job interview. I’ll probably blog about how it went on Friday.

    Hugs all around, ladies!


  4. I was wondering where you went and when I checked my blog list, your blog wasn’t there! I don’t know what happened! I hope the summer gig worked out for you. 🙂 I hear ya on the weight loss … while I haven’t published my actual weight, I’ve tried putting it out there that I need to lose lotsa weight in hopes that the public admission will motivate me!

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