On new years, new beginnings and finding ‘life’ in the chaos of grad school…

Happy 2011, blog world!
I hope all are well and that the New Year is treating you all splendidly. Well, I survived my first semester of graduate school relatively unscathed. Being in a PhD program seems to be much more time consuming than simply being a grad student in a program where one does not have to work. This is because in addition to the 4+ classes, there is a working element. In the first year, it’s as a research assistant and in the following years it’s as an instructor. This means that each day I wake up and decide what absolutely needs to be done that day. Then I run with that (press repeat X 4 months).

When I was working previously, I found ample time to blog, read, go out with friends, watch a little TV, go to cultural events in Stockholm, and all the other joys of what is commonly referred to as ‘life.’ These days, it’s more of a survival mode: how to prioritize the right things in the right order while keeping everyone happy.

Major milestones of Semester One:

  1. Got 4 A’s
  2. Helped to compile an academic journal.
  3. Had my first publication in an online journal.
  4. Started learning Portuguese.
  5. Oh… and I got married to the Swede.

Yes, you read that last one right. We did it. We got married. It was simple, lovely, and very understated and us. We went to the courthouse and sealed the deal, followed by a dinner. I’m not sure if that’s the end of the story, to be honest. I feel that one day we’ll do a ceremony, or something of the sort. Probably on both sides of the Atlantic. But for now, we are happily newlyweds, figuring it out what exactly it means for us to be married, vs. our previous lives as live-ins. We do feel a difference, just trying to navigate these uncharted waters. The irony of it all was that I had to be back in the library the next day to wrap up the final paper. Don’t worry, blog-world, knowing me a very interesting honeymoon, if nothing else, is sure to be on the horizon. You can’t give a gypsy girl a reason to travel and then not let her jump on the next plane outta town!

With love,

Ms. M


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