Sunday morning musings

Hi World:

How are you?

So the phone interview last week resulted in a phone interview, take 2, tomorrow. I’m hoping that I am able to secure this summer job, as it would take a lot of stress off of me financially. It’d also be located about an hour from my childhood town in Ohio, so easy access to friends/family in the NE Ohio area. It also pays quite well, particularly considering it’s a 1 month gig. It would pretty much cover all my expenses for the summer. I’d live for free in dorm housing, eat dorm food and be teaching Spanish. I will let you all know what comes of it.

At any rate, there’s that. After some mildly somber last few weeks, I went to my mailbox in the department and found two items. One was an employment letter from our head of the department that I need for the Swede’s visa (which was very generous in its wording, coming as a bit of a surprise). The second item was was the bound, freshly published journal that I had been compiling during my Christmas break. I leafed through the front cover and just a few pages in, I found Ms.Musings right underneath the words: Editorial Assistant. I closed the journal, threw it in my backpack and walking smugly down the corridor toward home. It’s the small things, right?

A few days later my paper got accepted for a literary conference in Chicago. Just waiting on the MLA conference (probably the biggest one for our discipline, which could potentially bring me to Seattle in Jan of 2012). I’m very doubtful that my work will be chosen for a panel of 3-4 experts, but there’s always hope. In fact, there’s ONLY hope. For now, I’m satisfied with the tiny note of my existence in the journal, the fact that I lost 4 pounds since starting this very slow and gentle ‘lifestyle change’ and the fact that Spring seems to be right around the corner here.

With love from a newly christened editorial assistant,



4 thoughts on “Sunday morning musings

  1. Miss Musings says:

    Thanks, Ladies! You know how to make a Muse blush…! Ms.Rose- we WILL be eating vegetarian food and/or drinking red-headed sluts (I’ve never had one) if I end up in the area!

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