Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon; The flames of love extinguished, and fully past and gone…

In the spirit of the New Year, and inspired by a recent meetup with some blogging friends, here goes the obligatory 2013 New Year’s Day Post. I’m stealing the format of something I read just now from a blogging friend (you know who you are-thanks). 2013 was a wild ride for us here in our Nation’s Capital. Making a grad student’s stipend in a big city can be a challenge, coupled with the incredible stress of school, a six month bout of spousal unemployment from June to December, and the feeling that there are never enough hours in the day in which to complete the tasks at hand (a pretty universal qualm I suppose). However, out of these darker times a few lovely gems did arise:

Highlights from 2012:

1. Won a Fulbright.

2. Attended a few major conferences in my field.

3. Finished all courses related to the Ph.D.

4. Successfully completed my doctoral exams.

5. Taught two more semesters and feel much more confident in front of the classroom.

6. Worked with the Swede on our marriage to bring us back to a happy and healthy place.

7. Became more proficient in cooking and tried out a number of new dishes.

8. Traveled back from Sweden, to Sao Paolo for a week (in August), Virginia Beach, Durham/Raleigh, the Shenandoah National Valley, Baltimore to see SR, Ohio twice, and got to know D.C ever intimately.

I honestly don’t recall what my New Year’s resolutions were last year. I’m sure the obligatory weight loss goals were in there, but can’t pinpoint what else I may have striven for in 2011 turned 2012. So, in the spirit of remembering a year from now, here go the 2013 hope-I-can-better-myself tidbits.

1. Learn how to deal with stress more gracefully. I’m sure the upcoming move to Brazil will provide us with a plethora of stressors; I hope to combat them with panache rather than eye-twitching and downing cookies.

2. Live more in tune with my beautiful bodily vessel. Rather than merely attempting to ‘lose weight’ which is clearly what this tidbit is getting at, I’d like to look at health more holistically. I’ve been spinning for a year now, as well as taking a lot of long walks, but I’d like to cook healthier, mix-up my exercise routine, and incorporate more generally some of the zen-like habits towards body/mind transformation propagated by Ms. Tudor Rose. Hello, inspiration! I’m not sure if I’ll become a vegetarian Yogi, but I’d surely like to cool things down a bit in my life and strive towards a greater sense of balance.

3. Publish an article in a major academic journal/ attend the MLA conference (whether through a conference paper presentation, or something else) in the winter of 2014 (i.e. apply in 2013).

4. Make significant progress on my dissertation by writing at least three chapters (there are generally five-ish all together).

5. Be a more thoughtful friend. We all have them. They send us thank you cards, a random text to show us love, try to visit us when they can. I’d like to be that friend (understanding the difficult logistics of me being in Brazil.. hehehee), or a least a touch closer to her.

With love and peace on this, the 1st of January, 2013.

Miss Cec

PS- I’ve made the last post private due to a need for job-related confidentiality; if you haven’t gotten a chance to read it, please feel free to PM me.


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