It’s been a long November…

Another month has passed in the Academic Wunderland and things have been both busy yet somehow entirely uneventful. As you might imagine, I’ve been continuing to read for the exams, a highly solitary endeavor, which is akin to what the writing of the dissertation will be like sans the production element of composing the chapters. I could be entirely first world in saying that I’m sick of reading, but I will spare you. The truth is, I love the novels, short stories and poetry (for the most part) but the theory is often dry and tedious. For this reason, I try to mix it up, spending the morning on theory and the afternoons progressing on prose. It’s a nice balance to which I wish I could dedicate every day. Sadly, no. There are also those 33 undergrads to attend to. And their emails. And their anxiety about grades. And the grading of their ten thousand assignments. Sigh. That’s the life of a third year Ph.D, I suppose.


So, all in all it’s been a tiring and enduring semester. That is clear here an in prior posts so I needn’t provide any further evidence. Now, on to the good stuff. My exams are in just 8 days. Funnily enough, the length of the exam (9 days) supersedes my time remaining now. Though this might not seem worthy of the ‘good stuff’ category, what I’d like to highlight here is that by the 25th of November, I will no longer be studying, stressing about, or taking my doctoral exams. They will be over. O-V-E-R. This also means that I am one step closer to the degree and the new status of ABD (all but dissertation). The final nail in the coffin to ABD is the proposal, which I’ll do before leaving for Brazil. This means that by the end of Feb. when I step on that plane for Sao Paolo and later Brasilia, I’ll be done with absolutely everything but the dissertation. I can only imagine how freeing that’ll feel. For now, I’m trying to see the forest from the proverbial trees (books).


A few other positive things coming up:


1. My 31st Birthday 🙂

2. Christmas in Hudson (possibly one of the cuddliest place on this earth)

3. My final hosting of the DC cooking club on the 30th of November (my theme will be Brazilian, naturally)

4. New Year’s

5. Long walks around DC with the Swede after the exams

6. Catching up on Homeland and Downton Abbey after the exam

7. Increased exercise and better eating habits after the exams (see a pattern?)

8. Possible snow?

9. Did I mention Christmas? 🙂


At any rate, things will certainly be looking up across the next few months here, about which I am very pleased. I hope the transition from fall to winter is a smooth one for all of my dear (5?:-) readers… Thank you for updating your blogs much more frequently than I do. It provides for a very nice between-book-and-theory break midday.


With love and kinship,

Mrs. M




3 thoughts on “It’s been a long November…

  1. Miss Cec says:

    Melody- Yay! Maybe we could meet up somehow in between the two holidays. Would love to finally meet the kids I’ve been now reading about for years.
    Sarsie- No worries, dear. Hope your travel-laden weekend was fun! Look forward to getting a counter-blog-like-post from you via email.

    Love, C

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