Life without classes= blissful… except that itsy bitsy exam coming up ;)

Dear Friends,

Life in the Town of George is in full swing. School started at the end of August, which means my two sections of X language course also began. My students seem great this year. There is a touch of apathy in the second section, but the late afternoon time slot always attracts the slightly less engaged undergrads. Other than that, all is well.

Not having grad classes, something I thought I would miss terribly and desperately (as the eternal nerd), has actually be rather fantastic. I feel so free. No more papers, no more class participation worries, no more presentations, no more. no more. no more. With 30 Master’s classes between 2005 and 2012 (7 years!), I finally hit my max. I am also taking NO (yes, you read that correctly NO) language classes. No Portuguese Advanced X, no French, no Russian. Nothing. I am teaching and doing something that I shall explain in a moment. I thought I’d miss the language classes, as the language geek of all time. Nope, not so much.  My two goals (coinciding with my profession, of course) are to perfect the two languages that will matter when I got to get a job in a couple years. Spanish and Portuguese. That’s it. Done and done. All other language pursuits will be done after I am employed somewhere.

So what fills my remaining hours after teaching and grading/prepping for my two sections of language courses? The doctoral exams… (dun, dun, dun). So here is the gist with those. I have 2 lists (the canon and one related to my topic). They are comprised of around 150ish books/articles. I read said books and articles during all of my free time for the next 2 months (obviously this is an impossible feat and becomes more about creating and finding excellent summaries of said works along with reading as much as humanely possible). My progress this summer was ‘eh’, okay. Not great. I created a blog with a post for every said work (it’s awesome how a blog can be a great way to organize knowledge in addition to disseminating information to friends/family). So after I read something, I return to the blog and write a post about it. Notes, main arguments, quotes, relevant reflections. So far, so good. So the blog has been created, now it’s just a matter of filling it up. It’s a slow process, but I’m getting there. This Monday (i.e. tomorrow) I will be putting a more structured plan into action involving me leaving my cozy apartment and reading at the library during the days. It’s awfully hard to get things done when I’d rather be cooking in my new Le Creuset or chatting on GChat. Yeah, I need a bit of a kick in the pants and the 2-month mark to exam time has really been the initiative. I take my exams from the 17th to the 25th of November (i.e. the week of Thanksgiving).

Anyway, loves. This is a bit of an update on life and living for me. I’ve loved so many of your recent posts that I was inspire to throw something together myself.

Peace and happiness to all from an edging-toward-Autumn DC,

Miss C


One thought on “Life without classes= blissful… except that itsy bitsy exam coming up ;)

  1. Enjoy your lighter load! I have days where I wish I could read all of the stuff I want/need to in order to keep up with best practice. Being a nerd as well, I will say it was hard to figure out how to fill my summers once I finished my Master’s (I spent my first three summers post-undergrad working on it).

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