End of July musings….

Dear Blogosphere,


Thank you for the emails- you know who you are- and the phone calls about my last post. I thought I’d update you with a more upbeat post, seeing that things are going much better than when I last sat down to write. I’m just two weeks away from finishing the summer session of intermediate II. It’s been a lot of fun and a real challenge simultaneously. They try to squeeze an entire semester into five weeks, which is truly intense. Did I mention that I have 7 male students this summer, for 2 hours a day (in the evening)? This is quite atypical for language courses, which are generally filled by females. Yet,  I like teaching boys. Once you get them to focus, they are often very pragmatic about language learning. Just get ‘er done! No wallowing around in the pastures for these ones. Other things I’ve been loving at the moment—->


1. My new purple (cassis) Le Creuset 6.75 quart Dutch Oven. Did I mention that I got it for $100 dollars less than the reduced Amazon price?! Yes, $100. I’ve been eye-ing this bad boy for years. I have a lot of friends that cook with Dutch Ovens and say that it’s just fantastic. You can cook things more thoroughly on medium to low heat because of the magic of the cast iron. Plus, she’s just so darn pretty. What can I say?


2. Car2Go- So, this is another form of car-sharing from a company that originates in Europe. For those of you who have never used a car-share, the most significant company in the States is Zipcar. You rent a Zipcar by the hour (generally in advance to ensure that you’ll get one!). This means that you kind of have to know exactly how long you’ll be driving, a difficult thing given the tremendous traffic in the greater DC metro area. Another difficulty is the fact that you have to take the car back to the same spot you picked it up at. Thus all journeys must be circular to the point of departure. Car2Go differs in that you pick it up at point A and can leave it at point B, or Q or Z! You walk by a car, put your card on scanner, hop in and go. Then leave it where ever your destination is. Oh, and did I mention they are blue and white SmartCars?  They also have rates by the minute, which are cheaper than taxis! From here to Georgetown it’s just $2.44. LOVE! The daily rates are also reasonable ($74) and as with ZipCar GAS and INSURANCE are included. Did I mention LOVE? Given that I’m a suburban girl at heart, it’s nice to have access to a car without the expense and hassle of it in a large city. It’s $125/month to have parking spot in my building’s garage. Yes, you read that right. So having a car here is an investment inspired only true necessity. I like the ability to mix and match–walking to campus, taking the bus home, and occasionally jumping in a car-share when I need to feel a little wind in my hair and pick up groceries.


3. The Olympics- Since I was a little girl, I have basically been obsessed with the Olympics. You could ask me a year (from the very first modern-day Games) and I would tell you the corresponding city. I would watch documentaries, know many of the most interesting tid-bits and odd facts related to certain historically significant athletes– you get my drift. Though my obsession has quelled, my love of the Olympics has not. We had a few friends over the other day to watch the Opening Ceremony. Wow. Just wow! I hope you all are staying tuned as well. The only frustration for me is the lack of coverage for many (significant-to-me) events on NBC. Sigh.


Anyway, that’ll do ‘er for this, the second to last day of July. I hope you all are enjoying the heart of the summer in all of your various necks of the woods.


With love,



3 thoughts on “End of July musings….

  1. My sister uses ZipCar, mostly for groceries and errands where she will have a lot of items to bring back. She even has a favorite car 🙂 I’ll let her know about Car2Go, though.

    I remember my own summer classes in grad school as the same: one semester in 5 weeks. Those certainly were challenging weeks!

  2. We saw a bike share like that when we visited DC (well, a friend in NOVA) briefly on spring break. What a cool idea.

    Somehow I missed your last post. I will be praying that things work out in the way that is healthiest for both of you and I’m sorry to hear how that has colored some of your summer negatively.

    I, too, am an Olympics-junkie! I loved the Opening Ceremonies. I hated that they kept commenting on how quickly and efficiently they were moving the athletes through the Parade of Nations. While watching 204 nations enter a stadium isn’t as exciting as the rest of the Ceremonies, for most of them it is a once in a lifetime opportunity– let them enjoy the moment.

    Peace to you as you wrap up your summer!

  3. Miss Cec says:

    Jill- Yes, let her know! It’s been really great to have this new driving option. I’m sure she’ll love it too.
    Melody- Thanks for your sweet comment. I’m also glad to hear that you are a fellow Olympics Junkie! It’s been a pretty fun olympic games to watch. The next time we watch it, we’ll be 34. Yikes!
    Hugs to you both!

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