On stuffed red peppers and listening to the wind…

Dear Friends,


The papers are written, results in. Sigh of relief released. Final paper season is always pretty miserable. 45 pages in just 10 days, though often it’s even more. You wake up at 7am and return from the library at 8pm, repeat times 10. It’s terrible but I tend to NOT exercise, eat right, ect. during a period when my body needs me to treat it the best I can. I get caught up in a stress black-hole. I hope that now I can ease my way back to normal through lots of water, sleep and veggies. I am going spinning tonight to begin the transition.


Needless to say, final paper season sucks and whenever I get a pang of nostalgia for classes, I will remember it in all its terribleness, recalling why I will never take classes as a proper participant again. Yay! I hope to audit a class or two in the future, however. I love to learn, but I’m done getting graded. Done, done. Did I mention done?


Now, it’s on over to the dissertation phase. I will tell you the ins and outs of this process later, loves. No need to rush ourselves. Let’s focus on right here, right now, under the cozy green blanket. It is a rainy day here in Washington and my plans include a trip to campus to run some errands revamp a conference paper I am will be presenting this Thursday in San Francisco. I leave this Wed. at 6:10 am (yikes!).  I will make this ‘working day’ very light however. Max 2-3 hours. Then I’ll come home and cook a nice dinner and watch lots of Netflix (with a spin class squeezed in there for good measure).


Lately I’ve been taking a lot of long walks around Georgetown with various friends, going to art museums I wouldn’t have time for on weekends, cooking yummy things like stuffed red peppers, and listening to the wind from my 6th floor apt. It’s amazing how much you can perceive if you stop and let yourself properly exist with the world. I hope to let time stand still for a few days here, and won’t begin dissertation stuff until one week from today, Monday the 28th of May. Until then, it’s the conference, sleep, cooking, and exercise, which will fill my little days. I may squeeze in a couple more museums that I have not been to, like the Museum of the Native American.  Gonna try to see them all over the next 2-3 years here 🙂


Have an excellent week, loves!




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