April showers bring May powers…

Dear Friends,

A very brief update to let you know that things are going well. I finished my final graduate course after 7 years and 30 grad classes. I started the journey with a Grad Summer at Middlebury’s Spanish School in 2005 and ended it during the Spring of 2012 at the Town of George’s. Feels pretty darn good.

Lamentably I am not entirely finished, though. I have just 45 pages till I can call it a day- 3 X 15 page papers. My final day of studies will be the 17th of May, when a childhood friend from Hudson will also be here on a 2 night vizzie. Yay! She and I have been friends since 11, so what a lovely way to end it all than over dinner with someone who literally has been through it *all* with you (the good, the bad and the lovely).

After that, it’s San Fran on the 23rd for a conference, coming home on the 26th. Then on the 31st I am off to Ohio until the 11th of June. All of June will be taken up by doctoral exam reading and taking notes, whether from DC or the Hudson Public Library (awwwww!). In July my parents come here with my sister and the little ones, as do the Swede’s Aunt and Uncle (his childhood friend left yesterday, after visiting for 5 nights). August, the Swede’s brother comes, then the Swede leaves for the Motherland for 10 days when I take my exam mid-month. Very smart man! Get out while you can and skip the frenzied and frantic spectacle of watching your wife go bonkers for 9 days. Ha 🙂

So, that’s the summer for you. Oh, and I teach from early July to mid-August, at the Town of George’s. It’s an intermediate course, so that should be a good break my day up while prepping for exam.

Okay, lovelies. Enjoy your transitions from Spring to Summer. Lady Lazarus, I’ve been one of those inspired friends, who is watching your simultaneous disappearance and blossoming. What a remarkable journey to witness via your blog, which I’ve been reading now since 2008- so 4 years? Wow, it’s been a while. Along with yours too, Melody, and Tricia and Emily and Elizabeth, maybe a year or so later. Funny how I discovered you all in Sweden and haven’t stopped reading since. Now I am reading about multiple children and lots of other goodies. At any rate, it’s fun to keep up with you all in the strange blogosphere. Oh, and you too Sarsie- who is my one blog subscriber and from who I always get a personalized email following every post. I am so lucky to have you. See you in Hershey this summer.

With love from our Nation’s Capital,

Mrs. M


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