On the sacred Bright of Fools and other musings…

Dear Friends, 

So, it’s fun to follow up my rejection post with the happy news (for those of you who did not catch this on Facebook) that I got the Fulbright to go to Brazil! I am still in a state of shock and there are many, many questions still left unanswered (how much money, the Swede, our current apt.) etc. However, let’s put those into a dark drawer in a dark closet for a few days and just say—–> YES!!!! 

It seems now that those six weeks of learning Portuguese in sticky and humid Middlebury, whilst randomly emailing possible ‘affiliations’ in random Brazilian universities, and attempting to craft some sort of specific proposal based on some very vague ideas, might have all been worth it. Also, the balancing four semesters of undergrad Portuguese at Georgetown, in addition to the three grad classes per semester, seems also to have been well worth the hassle. The executive summary is that I’ll be at the University of Brasília studying with an expert on Brazilian literature. This experience will allow me to interview authors not only in Brazil, but in the larger Southern cone. I will be able to attend conferences while abroad, be able to research, write, and not have the demands of teaching that I have currently. Oh, and it’s nine months. 

Okay, that’s enough for now. This weekend I was in Providence, RI for a conference on Comparative Lit. It was a lot of fun and certainly post-worthy, so that’ll probably be the next one. Let’s just say that Lit grad students and Profs. are a crazy bunch indeed. Oh, today being the 2nd of April, this is my final month of classes. Hard to really grasp the profundity of this, in light of the many years of courses behind me. I registered for ‘thesis research’ for next semester, which is really just ‘meeting with my advisors’ as I work on my thesis. Between the 17th and the 26th of August, this year, I take my doctoral exams, in preparation for next semester. There’s more to say about that, but I’ll spare you all the details for now. 

Have a lovely, lovely, Spring in your various nooks and crannies of the globe. Thanks for being with me on this crazy ride in a not-always- Academic Wunderland! 




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