Greetings from the heart

Dear Readers,

We are now half way through the semester. Much has happened since we last chatted, so I’ll break ‘er down into 5 bullet points:

1. After just over a year in the studio, we moved into a larger apartment in the same building, this time facing Wisconsin Avenue. We can see the Capital Building and the Washington Monument clearly from our front room, as well as the National Cathedral from our bedroom. Yeah. It’s a bit of an upgrade from the naked guy across the courtyard.

2. Last weekend on my quick trip home to Ohio, my parents got me a MacBook Air on which I shall write my dissertation. I feel this worthy of a separate bullet point. It pretty much rocks my world. I won’t let anyone else (including the Swede) get their hands on it! I’ve never been protective of much in my life, but feel I need to coddle my precious computer. Perhaps a bit unreasonable, but alas, I’m sure it’s a passing phase. It’s just so gosh-darn light, shiny and lovely. Sigh.

3. Half way through the semester means half way through classes, and half way through teaching. I’d like to write a blog specifically about my impressions of this first semester of teaching, but for now I’ll say that my students are wonderful overall. They are super motivated (for the most part), engaged, pleasant, diligent, etc. I guess the difficulty of getting into this school, as well as the fact that the class is more advanced (I got switched in the last second to a Conversation Course on Latin America. LOVE!), make their attitude and proficiency somewhat logical. I feel lucky to have had this be my first semester of teaching at the university level. I hope its predictive of what’s to come?! Then again, next semester I teach basic (le sigh). All good things much come to an end.

4. The main impetus for the move is the fact that Le Swede got a job working for two Scandinavian companies downtown. He is also taking 4 classes on the side so we are both ridiculously busy. There is an expression in Sweden called the “Dog Years,” meaning the years that you work really, really hard, are broke and exhausted most of the time. After the Dog Years come the good ones where you relax a bit more, have  bit of money, and supposedly enjoy the fruits of thy labour (though he never told me exactly what comes after them!). Mentally I need to think that that is what comes next. Yeah, it’s a little intense right now but we’re making it one day at a time. The view helps, as well as a shiny computer.

5. We are going back to Sweden on the 15th of December… staying with family for 20 nights! It’ll be my first time back in about 18 months and the first time for my Swede in about a year. Time has flown and we are so excited to reconnect with friends and family. I’m looking forward to many small things about which I could once again dedicate an entire post. Anyway, there’s that 🙂

Well, dear ones, I’ll leave you with my plan for the day. Grade 20 compositions and 10 recordings, finish my Fulbright app for Brazil (another post needed for that), watch a film to analyze for Monday, drink a big cup of coffee, and have some friends over for an impromptu dinner. I hope your Saturdays are splendid!

With love from a busy Señorita M.

PS- I went back to my HS recently to give talk to my former German class (note- YES, that is definitely worthy of it’s own post!) Tata Bloggies!


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