April flowers bring May..?

Hi World-

It’s Saturday morning here in the Town of George’s. I was having coffee and reading, when I thought I might write some quick updates. It being the 2nd of April today, I now only have 1 month of classes left for the 1st year of the PhD. It has gone by incredibly quickly. I can’t say it’s always been easy, as my previous posts attest to, but it definitely went at lighting speed. I guess we always tend to say these words when something comes to an end, a testament to the grandiosity enabled by a little hindsight. I have so many reflections on this year, which I’ll write once I actually get to the end of it, but for now it feels good to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and know that it’s not a train!

The Swede is starting a business course on Tuesday. He still can’t work, which is a bummer and exceedingly boring for him, so this should get him the push out of the house that he’s longing for. It meets once a week, for pretty much the entire morning. I’m glad for him as I think this is the beginning of something really positive for my new Hubby.

We’ve been entertaining and being entertained in the cheapest ways possible, given the financial restraints of living off a Grad School salary and  our savings. Lots of wine/cheese parties, dinner parties where I cook or am being cooked for. 1 dollar coffee breaks at University (did I mention that I LOVE the idea of a dollar coffee? Ingenious for students). The Swede and I occasionally watch shows such as International House-hunters or Property Virgins, fantasizing about what we’d do if we had the seemingly ephemeral ‘money.’ However, what I always come back to is that we are only guaranteed today, right now, this very second indeed. So, despite all the hardships, I’ve made it my goal to….ENJOY the long readings, remembering how blessed I am to be able to be paid to read, to RELISH in going to classes, knowing that I only have one more year of coursework for the PhD and thus my foreseeable adult life,  and be APPRECIATIVE about basic language courses despite their monotony, knowing what a tremendous gift is is to be able to be multi-lingual and have others pay for YOU to learn.  I’m sure I’ll look back on these days with utter fondness but when your trudging through the dirty work, it’s hard to come up for air. Let’s just say I’m trying.

And to end the “Final Month of Year 1” blog, I’d like to mention the lovely and famous Washington Cherry Blossoms. They are out in their full glory and are an ever-present reminder of the intense, though fleeting, beauty which is all around us if we look up from our books, I-Phones and Laptops to observe it.

I hope you have a moment to take in all the little ways, dramatic and subtle, that Spring waves hello to us in April–

With much appreciation to you all as well, for keeping me sane by writing and allowing me to read about your lives, and taking a moment to peek into mine-

Ms. M-


2 thoughts on “April flowers bring May..?

  1. I’ve been there once for the cherry blossoms and it was beautiful! I’m glad you enjoyed your first year and hope that your hubby enjoys his course. Have a great final month of year 1.

  2. Seeing the cherry blossoms this year is on my list of things to definitely do. I was still recovering from N’s birth & figuring her out this time last year so we didn’t go.

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