An update, albeit mundane… I’m still alive and kickin’!

Wow, a more than a month has passed again.  That fact speaks volumes about my life right now. I am not sure how you super mommies have time to blog regularly. I am only a student and hardly have time to come up for air. I admire you ladies so much for documenting your motherhood experiences with us. I read you ladies daily.

As for me, I am in the thick of things right now. The semester came to a close with regard to classes and now I am writing three monstrous papers.

Here are the stats.

Paper 1, in English (20-25 pages, of which I currently have 10) Due, December 15th

Paper 2, in Spanish (15 pages, of which I currently have 10)- Due, December 18th

Paper 3, in English (20-25 pages, of which I currently have 5) Due, December 22nd

Granted, I like to write. I really, really do. But wow. I am averaging a pace of 5ish pages a day and that is seriously my mental max-out zone. In order to produce these five pages, I spend intermediate periods reading secondary literature, drinking coffee, and walking around in circles on the first floor of the library. I have discovered some interesting nooks and crannies here in the Town of Georges, during my various study breaks.

At any rate, I don’t have much else to say. It’s 5:38 pm and I am going to walk home now. Then off to a dinner party.  Yes, I will be having some alcoholic beverages tonight! Though not too much, dearies; gotta keep that pace up tomorrow too! Can you say Groundhog’s day?

Love to you all from this HUGE nerd. I’ll be sure to post around my b-day in just 6 little days.

Ms. M


3 thoughts on “An update, albeit mundane… I’m still alive and kickin’!

  1. You are not alone in your nerdiness…. oh how I miss days spent in the library- reading, researching, writing and plotting out my thoughts. I love being a student and miss in dearly! Although, I wouldn’t trade mommyhood for the world! You’ll be done soon! Enjoy yourself at your party tonight. You deserve it! I can’t wait to see you over Christmas! 🙂

  2. Miss Musings says:

    Melody- 🙂 I’m following your pregnancy with great excitment! Fun times.

    Emily- Ah, the nerdy joys of student-life. Looking forward to seeing you too!

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