On things lost, things found…

Wow, three days shy of a month. That’s pretty terrible, blog world. This does not mean that I have not been reading your blogs; on the contrary, I still have my weekly reading schedule which I have not faltered from. Since we last chatted:

1. I got paid my second stipend. Yay, money!

2. I had a couple of important visitors come. Namely may parents with my sis and her kids, then a great friend/soul mate of mine who is in her first year of Med school in a nearby state and was on a mini-break.

3. I survived the first 2 months of grad school.

4. I lost my I-Phone and took it really hard. Like sitting- in- bed- eating cookies- and- watching- Showtime- TV- shows- for- 6- hours hard. This is probably because I found out the phone would cost 400 dollars to replace and I am on a grad student budget. I resigned myself to getting a flip phone, a la 2005.

5. One week later, my I-Phone was returned to me by a very good Samaritan and all faith in humanity was restored.

6. I went through a couple of non-productive stages and then was alerted to the fact that I have three 20 page papers due right before Christmas.

7. Due to said realization, I woke up and started working double time.

8. I had a DC Ladies’ Dinner party that was an utter and incredible joy. Friends from Ohio, DC, and London met each other in a swirl of beef stew, pumpkin spice cake, and red wine. It was a hit. Hoping to do another in the spring.

9. I have made some friends in my department who I hung out with socially. I like the balance between the two worlds (real life/academic life).

10. The rosy filter over my life (see previous post) has slightly lifted, though I am still quite cognizant that I am incredibly blessed to be reading books and analyzing movies for a living, albeit in the form of scary, monstrous 20+ page papers. These years are a GIFT. I must not forget that.

Okay, dear readers. I promise not to wait so long before another update.

With love from,

Ms. Musings



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