Tuesday morning/ the aftermath of Monday

Yesterday was probably the most chaotic day here so far. But in order to explain yesterday, I’ll have to rewind to Friday after my final class. After another long week (I guess it’s been 3 now?), I was walking home to my little studio apartment when I remembered that I had to present a book on Monday (yesterday). That was all fine and dandy, I thought. Let’s be honest, who wants to work on a Friday evening anyway? I’d start on Sat. morning, just as the morning birds began to churp. So I read 100 pages on Sat. Then I read about 70 pages on Sunday (plus the normal life necessities of grocery shopping, cleaning etc.) Monday morning I woke up bright and early and killed the last 30 pages. With an hour to go, I wrote a summary of the major arguments and put my presentation questions together. Click! 9:57 and it’s off into the cyber-universe… just before the 10 am deadline.

It would have been fine and dandy to have woken up at 6am to finalize everything if I didn’t then realize that I had Portuguese homework due at 11:15. I rushed to finish that. I then had class, threw some food down my throat while walking to the library, turned in my work for the 2:40 class, went to that, then went directly to the last class with the presentation, presented, some wires in my head malfunctioned after it was all over. Malfunction! You’ve been thinking too much today, Miss Musings. Indeed.

I tend to work well under a bit of pressure (don’t we all, though?) But do I think it’s particularly healthy to work like that? No. Do I think it’s sustainable over a 5ish year program? No. Will I have to figure out where I went wrong this past weekend with the reading? Yes. Maybe I need to learn how to speed read so I could have prepared everything on Sunday evening (sigh). Or maybe all you really need in life sometimes is to survive… one day at a time, one hour at a time, one presentation at a time.

On a positive note, Tuesdays I don’t have classes.  And you know what? That feels great. Then again, I do have a few books to tackle today… but maybe I’ll do that in stride this time around…:-)

From a book-tackling-tuckered-out,

Ms. Musings


2 thoughts on “Tuesday morning/ the aftermath of Monday

  1. I’ve always found that I work best under pressure. But, it sounds like maybe that was a little *too* much pressure! I’m envious of your new student life. I hope you enjoy every moment of it! Can’t wait to read more about what these next few years will hold! 🙂

  2. Miss Musings says:

    I find myself envious of the domestic life at times, too, girl! The grass is always greener, I suppose. Anyway, your little A is adorable and cannot wait to meet him over the holidays. I’ll be back for at least two weeks around Christmas, so we have to get together!


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